Shaping the Future

Danson Lim

We continue to produce outstanding athletes for kata (pattern) and kumite (sparring) tournaments. The new generation of youth members, some as young as 10 years old, have been performing very well.

Amongst them, Shannon Leong, Shawn Nair, Danson Lim & Eda Lim have shown great potential; and have all been winning medals for the past years in junior tournaments.

Shannon Leong

As we move into the future, the responsibility to carry the torch rests on the shoulders of these young karate-kas and their brethren. To aid them on their journey to the pinnacle of the art, various training programmes have been set in motion to nurture outstanding, talented and promising members.

Discipline, Determination and a Desire to be the Best

Suba is one of the successes in our programme. He has since gone on to win several regional and local tournaments