Upon knowing that my father was going to send me for karate lessons, I was filled with excitement, though I was only all of 6 years old. For me, it would be a great chance to make new friends besides learning about this well-known Japanese martial art.

SKA is very different from many other martial arts school as the training venue is ”huge” and to top it off, it has got a nice soft feel (rubber mats which I’m referring to). Many of my friends are extremely grateful with the facilities and fantastic senseis (teacher in Japanese).

After almost 4 years of hard training, I finally received my Junior Shodan (or first degree black belt). My younger sister also joined in the tough but enjoyable lessons at this time.

We have since taken part in several competitions and have benefited immensely from it. There were participants from different karate styles and different countries like Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. It was great to be part of the SKA team and even better to watch the different ways people sparred and to learn things from them.

Before each kata performance or kumite bout, my sister and I would be both excited and nervous. But once we stepped into the centre square, we would focus and use everything that our senseis had taught us. It was a wonderful chance to use and try the different tactics, particularly in kumite.

The results that we have achieved were not exactly what we expected, but we will just have to train harder.
If we could, we would love to participate in more competitions. It would be a great chance to exert our excellence in this sport and build on the camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts from other countries.

Shannon Leong & Carissa Leong (both Junior Shodan)