Grading exercises are typically conducted once every three months for both adults and kids.

A minimum of 75% attendance is required in the three months leading up to a grading before you are eligible to apply to be graded.

The Board of Examiners, in consultation with the Instructors/Chief Instructor, reserves the right to reject a grading application.

As you progress in training through grading exercises, you are awarded different coloured belts. The colour used, the relationship between belt colour and rank (Kyu) varies from club to club, for SKA it is as follows:

Colour Description Correspondng Kyu
White Belt (Beginner) 9th Kyu
Orange with 3 stripes 8th Kyu
Orange with 2 stripes 7th Kyu
Orange with 1 stripe 6th Kyu
Orange 5th Kyu
Brown with 3 stripes 4th Kyu
Brown with 2 stripes 3rd Kyu
Brown with 1 stripe 2nd Kyu
Brown 1st Kyu
Black with 3 stripes Junior Shodan
Black Shodan

Grading application forms are available at General (Forms)

Grading fees are:

Kids’ Grading                          $70.00
Adults’ Grading                      $70.00
Junior Shodan Grading         $70.00
Adults’ Dan Grading                $100.00

Grading Schedule for 2018

Grading Schedule 2019

Grading Date Category Closing Date
Sun, 27 January 2019 Dan Grading Tue, 15 January 2019
To be advised Kyu Grading To be advised
To be advised Kyu Grading To be advised
To be advised Kyu Grading To be advised

For more information, please contact SKA office at (+65) 6299 5740 or email