Fee Structure

Fees Structure
Types of Memberships Annual Membership Fees Monthly Training Fees
Below 18 years old Above 18 years old Below 18 years old Above 18 years old
1 Ordinary Member $40 $$50 $70 $90
2 Black Belt Member $50 $240 $70 $90
3 Black Belt Member
(Above 62 years old)
- $120 - -
4 Black Belt Life Member - $240 - -
5 Honorary Member - $240 - -
6 Black Belt Member
- US$ 100 - -
7 Affiliation Fees
(Local Organization)
- $100 - -
8 Affiliation Fees
(Overseas Organization)
- US$ 100 - -


Important Information

  1. Each monthly training fees shall be due on the first day of each month and shall be paid not later than the tenth day of each month, regardless of join date.
  2. If a member fails to pay at the tenth day of each month, a reminder would be posted to the member at the end of the month in respect of arrears of training fees for the same month, a grace period of a further month is allowed to effect payment.
  3. After expiry of the grace period, and if payment is still not effected, a final reminder will be posted to the member giving him a final grace period of one month.
  4. Upon the expiry of the final grace period, if the training fees still remains unpaid, the member concerned shall cease to be a member of the Association.
  5. All monthly training fees are non refundable and subject to change.
  6. To resign or cease training for a certain period, a member must submit in writing his or her intention at least one month in advanced.